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Homer’s eighth-century epic poem is a companion to The Iliad. It tells the story of Odysseus, who journeys by ship for 10 years after the Trojan War, trying to make his way back home to Ithaca. Homer’s work was intended to be performed out loud, so it’s a masterful example of poetic meter and rhythm. But above all, ;The Odyssey is a story of adventure-and true love.

Odysseus has been gone for 20 years, and he longs to reclaim his role as king and reunite with his beloved, faithful Queen Penelope. During his absence, hundreds of suitors have eaten his food, lived in his home, and even plotted to kill his son. But before he can confront his enemies at home, Odysseus must fight a cyclops, escape after being imprisoned by a lovesick nymph, and confront the twin terrors of Scylla and Charybdis. As if that wasn’t enough, the gods take their grudges out on him, adding obstacles to suit their whims. Will Odysseus ever get home? And what will he find once he does? Within the pages of this ancient Greek classic are the origins for many of the myths we’re familiar with today. Pick up a copy and meet Odysseus, Homer’s timeless hero.

Book Reviews

Nice customer

The Odyssey is amazing!5 star

I analyzed this iconic epic in my English class, and I thought it was absolutely amazing!55

Fm sjsjgsk

Amazing5 star

This was a poem!!!! It was so amazingly written that I thought it was a normal story that just rhymes55


Classic5 star

Didnt know the whole thing was a poem55


Good book4 star

Interesting read45


LOL4 star

I love how with this book In particular, people want to pat themselves on the back for how fast they read it or how young they are/were when they read it.45

romans against odysseus

bad.1 star

Odysseus is a liar. He lies to his wife, he lies constantly. he is weak and a coward. stinky ugly bastard man.15


Eh not great1 star

Boo boo15

Kyky12345 56

Good book5 star

Good book55


Use SparkNotes to Enjoy4 star

I'm glad I read it, but don't be fooled that you can read this translation without some type of Spark/CliffNotes.45

Flaws 2 Fatal

Pathetic.1 star

Watered down beyond recognition, and why does it rhyme? Doesn't deserve to exist lol15

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