A Chance in Time

A Chance in Time Summary

One widow...
One time traveler...
Two lonely hearts connecting for a moment in time...

One day Penelope Jordan finds a man who's on the brink of death and nurses him back to health. Over time, he brings out the woman that the harsh prairie made her forget she once was, and soon she falls in love with him.

But will he stay with her...in her time...or will he return to the future?

*Author's Note: Penelope and Cole Hunter show up in Restoring Hope and Bound by Honor Bound by Love.

These are the books in the Native American Romance Series:
Restoring Hope
A Chance In Time
Brave Beginnings
Bound by Honor Bound by Love

*Penelope and Cole Hunter were introduced in Meant To Be. If you'd like background information on Cole Hunter, Meant To Be tells more of his story.

Book Reviews


Not quite2 star

The storyline certainly had possibilities, but once it started to rush things (I.e. the feelings of the characters towards each other) one wondered if the author was rushing to get to the “good” part. Unfortunately, that never arrived. Why was the time travel needed ? The plot could’ve gone along without. It was not worth the read.25


Sweet Romance5 star

When I first started reading the book I wasn't sure how it related to the first book of the series. But keep reading it ties in nicely, I was sad for the book to end its nice to read about people getting a second chance of happiness.55


A Chance in Time5 star

I love time travel stories. This is a nice short one that reminds me of the California Series. Western historical romance is intriguing . Sonja Stover Bracey55


Short but enjoyable4 star

This book was amazing!!only wish it was longer.45


A Chance in Time5 star

What a precious story! I am in love with the characters in this book. The story is well-written. It is charming and heart-warming. It is romantic without being vulgar, and it is a book that I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends. Thanks for such a good read. Keep it up!55

Lulu ball

Almost perfect!4 star

I really liked this book! It would've been perfect if it hadn't been for the sex part of the book. I am glad that they waited until marriage though. Still a great read!45


Excellent!!5 star

Very well written. I enjoyed every part of this book! The characters were so moving.55


Very short/shallow.2 star

This book was really short. You barely get a feel for it and it's over. The characters weren't developed at all, they meet and have almost no dialogue and suddenly love each other? It felt like it could have been a really good read. It's just lacking a richness in detail.25


Great Book5 star

Hooked until the very end55


Sweet4 star

It was a very sweet story.45

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