Publishable By Death

Publishable By Death Summary

The last thing Harvey Beckett needs on opening day of her bookstore is a dead body. 

All Harvey Beckett help the residents of St. Marin's find the perfect book for that moment and snuggle with her hound dog Mayhem.But when the small, waterside town's newest resident discovers the body of the community's persnickety reporter in her bookshop storeroom just before her grand opening, Harvey can't help trying to solve the crime, even when her curiosity puts her in danger.

The more Harvey learns about the town's history – and the history of the gas station that's become her bookstore – the more she understands that forgiveness is a hard thing to give . . . and receive.

Will Harvey and her friends be able to solve the murder of the town reporter without her becoming a victim herself?

Book Reviews

Day Lili

Not believable3 star

Plot is good, however the town is too good to be true. Most small towns/ neighborhoods view newcomers from so far away ( cross country) with suspicion, especially those from large, liberal cities. Too friendly, too kind, too welcoming. The struggles of opening a new business are too easily overcome, and the numbers of visitors to the store are quite exaggerated. Day Lili35


Great read5 star

Kept me interested. Characters are wonderful and appreciated the digs being mentioned throughout.55


Publishable by Death5 star

Enjoyed this stand-alone story in the series.55

i luv reading

Punishable by Death5 star

Excellent writing. Warm and generous protagonists. Not to gory. Really enjoyed the afternoon read.55

Grandma Fox 85

Punishable by death5 star

Good book and refreshing reading without all of the torrid details of a crime book. I love the Cozy mysteries. Good author and series. Grandma Fox55


Saccharine sweet3 star

The overall story was nice. However, the author goes into a deep dive of unnecessary detail (overly describing customers down to race, how to pick toppings off pizza, the sweetness of everyone's coffee, the many examples of books and what they're about, etc). I appreciate details, but also like to let my imagination fill in the gaps. The ending was tied up quickly. Most of the action was about the town fair and history of the town vs the murder. I'm not sure which genre I would place this book: not enough for murder mystery, too tame and generic for romance.35

Janette W

Publishable by death5 star

Loved this cozy mystery! Especially enjoyed all the references to actual books I now want to read as well. I also must try the popcorn recipe. Thank you!55

Grannie Karon

Publishable by Death5 star

A story I had to read fro. Beginning to end, as quickly as possible. Heartwarming ,sad and powerful. Wow!55


Mystery4 star

Mystery and friendship mix nicely in this book.45


Good intentions that went wrong.2 star

While I appreciated the friendships made by the characters in the book, I am still trying to figure out why the author felt the need to tell what their ethnicities were when introducing of them. Not sure it mattered who was white, black, or otherwise. I’m pretty sure I’ve never read a book were the author seemed to think it was necessary. As for the motive of the killer, I thought that was pretty lame.25

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