Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Summary

If you want to learn about one of history’s greatest military commanders and uncover some of his secrets of drive—drive that enabled him and his small army to first subdue all of Greece and then the mighty Persian Empire—then you want to read this book.

Some people like to think that geniuses are so inherently extraordinary that they navigate their journeys with clairvoyant ease. 

This simply isn’t true. 

Greatness does not come lightly. It requires that you make sacrifices of time, interests, and—sometimes—possessions. The further you move toward greatness, the more greatness demands from you.

But all barriers yield to one mythical quality: drive. The will to persist and overcome. To never give up. To never accept defeat. 

Few stories better illustrate this better than the life of one of the most extraordinary warriors the world has even known; a man of legendary ambition, will, and grit: Alexander the Great.

In this book, you’ll be taken on a whirlwind journey through Alexander’s life and conquests, and not only learn about the successes and mistakes of one of history’s greatest conquerors, but also how to awaken a fire in your own life and adventures.

Read this book now and learn lessons from Alexander the Great on why drive is so vital to awakening your inner genius, and learn insights into the real power of purpose, how to defeat the insidious force of “Resistance” that holds us back, and more.

Book Reviews


Very Good Read5 star

This book was amazing honestly gave me a new perspective one life. Also taught me some history.55


Off topic!1 star

it doesn’t/hardly gets to the important aspect of the book, the man himself.15


Aboslutely Inspirational5 star

This is one one book I have read that I know, if you do not constrain yourself, you will want to get up at the middle of night and go out to get good things that will enhance your life done. It is so captivating and full of life practical experience that I found it difficult to drop it.55


Amazing Book!5 star

The only thing greater than this book is Alexander the Great55

Jk! Hahahahahah

Terrible1 star

No info15


In love with this book4 star

Love this book with all of my heart45


Really just an ADVERTISEMENT1 star

This book is really an advertisement for the author's book on self-help. While his points seem worthwhile, the fact that he isn't transparent about his motivation and intent leaves me cold. Apple should reclassify this book out of biographies and memoires. Wes15


Alexander the Great2 star

The grammar in this book needs many corrections.!25

Jason moffitt

Interesting but cursory3 star

This was a quick read and done at a very high level. For a biography' it just goes so quickly over each of the battles and steps in the campaigns that are the majority of what the book takes you through that it felt like taking a cross country trip and having enough gas that you don't stop from one coast to the are just flying through. To the extent that the author was basing the book around "drive" and subjugated all to that end, I can understand...but still thought it would have served that cause even more so to engage more deeply in points of the campaign and life of our protagonist in order to understand how difficult things were and how "drive" enabled him to accomplish what he did. Appreciated the book and enjoyed reading it nonetheless...just a couple thoughts about it for what they are worth.35

Mozel Tov

Sensational5 star

A great guide as to what it takes to achieve greatness!!55

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