The Seaside Café

The Seaside Café Summary

Set on breathtaking Coates Island, off the coast of North Carolina, bestselling author Rochelle Alers’ new series debut brings together three book-loving women whose summer will offer a chance to rewrite their
own stories . . .
For three decades, the Seaside Café has served delicious meals to locals and island tourists alike. Kayana Johnson has moved home to help her brother run the café—and to nurse her wounds following a deep betrayal. Between cooking favorite recipes—creole chicken with buttermilk waffles, her grandmother’s famous mac and cheese—and spending time reading, Kayana is trying to embrace a life free of entanglements, while staying open to new connections . . .
After striking up conversation with two customers, Kayana suggests a summer book club. Each week, they’ll meet on the patio to talk about their favorite novels. But there are plot twists awaiting them in real life too. For schoolteacher Leah, this two-month sojourn is the first taste of freedom she’s had in her unhappy marriage. Cherie, filled with regret about her long-term affair with a married politician, discovers a powerful new passion. And Kayana finds a kindred spirit in a reclusive visitor who’s ready to make his true identity known, and fill this summer with new possibilities . . .  
"Stunning coastal settings, heartfelt moments...this novel whisks readers away to the beaches of North Carolina...a tale of love, friendship, and new starts." - Woman's World on The Seaside Cafe 

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- PJ -

Great Book!5 star

I’ve been reading this for only a short bit of time, and I have to say that I am very interested in learning more about the characters and their actions. Everything is so detailed and the characters actually have character to themselves, and it makes you seem like you are actually there. Did I also mention the price? It’s free! I’m not into reading books a lot, but I must say, this is probably one of my most favorite books right now! I really like how everything is described in detail and it’s almost like they were there when it happened. After I’m finished with this book, I might even buy the second one, because this book is so interesting! Solid 10/10; Recommend completely!55

1 Banker

Great book4 star

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I liked the characters, I liked the side characters, I liked the setting, & I liked the premise of the book. There were only minimal sexual encounters & they weren’t terribly explicit, which I appreciated.45

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